Press releases

Press releases

“Tu Vida Cambia”, now online

Around 7 million people from different platforms joined the four virtual concerts of the IOM's 'Tu Vida Cambia' campaign and against human trafficking.

Cuida tu corazón, it's what makes you beat

On May 9, the Day of Heart Failure in Colombia was used to disclose details of this disease, while raising awareness of the need to prevent it. 

EU supports peace process in Colombia

This was ratified with the signing of the agreement of the Budgetary Support project of the European Fund for Peace, with the presence of the Ambassador of the European Union and Ambassadors of the Member States.

Campaign for a countryside without Covid-19

In community stations in Nariño, Putumayo and Santander, messages were disseminated so that rural communities know how to prevent the coronavirus on their farms.

A forgotten evil that must be remembered

World Sickle Cell Anemia Day was commemorated on June 19. A disease that in Colombia affects about 200,000 children each year.

What people from Bogota stopped buying

Clothing, footwear, furniture and technology are among the products where the inhabitants of Bogotá cut expenses the most at the beginning of the Coronavirus quarantine.

Vega y Jaramillo | Prensa y Relaciones Públicas

A fun way to learn

We present HoliMaths to the Colombians, a game for children that seeks to teach mathematics in a fun and original way. 

Vega y Jaramillo | Prensa y Relaciones Públicas

A special and different Jean Book

The brand launched a campaign aimed at children and young people, in search of inclusion and respect for the rights of others.

Vega y Jaramillo | Prensa y Relaciones Públicas

That silent and lethal host

In February 2020, the Colombian League Against Cancer launched a prevention campaign against stomach cancer.


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