Nearly 7 million people impacted by the 'Tu Vida Cambia' campaign

The series of virtual concerts of the "Tu Vida Cambia" campaign left more than 6,877,454 views on social media. The campaign, was developed by the International Organization for Migration (OIM) with the financial support of the Office of Population, Refugees and Migration ( PRM) of the Department of State of the United States with the objective of preventing human trafficking among the refugee and migrant population from Venezuela currently located in Colombia.

The main piece of the campaign was a series of virtual concerts that took place during the four Saturdays of the month of June, in which it was possible to enjoy the music of the typical bagpipes of Venezuela, performed by the group Vos y Yo, made up of five Venezuelan musicians based in Bogotá.

“By developing the campaign on a digital dimension, 57,396 people were connected to the concerts. We managed to bring a piece of their land to Venezuelans while sharing educational messages about the crime of human trafficking. The context of COVID-19 presented us with the challenge of changing the strategy for reaching this population, since we were approaching them in person. This time we approached them digitally, which allowed us to have a greater impact on coverage,”said Ana Eugenia Durán Salvatierra, Chief of Mission of the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

During these concerts, Venezuelans received information about the crime of human trafficking among songs and the company of Marcelo Cezán.

During the campaign, prevention messages were also shared on the radio and on social media, in an effort that is estimated to have reached more than 6,877,454 people.

The series of four virtual concerts will be available on the OIM Colombia YouTube channel, for those who have not seen it yet, and for those who want to enjoy good Venezuelan music again or share it on their social media.


“Tu Vida Cambia” is an effort that involves the commitment of various actors, and has the financial support of the Office of Population, Refugees, and Migrants (PRM) of the United States Department of State. 


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