HoliMaths: Learning to multiply by yourself while playing

HoliMaths, a game for children that seeks to teach mathematics in a fun way, comes exclusively to Colombia by Carvajal Educación, as part of its Norma Divertimente brand, a new commitment by the company to present comprehensive learning games to the Colombian market and Latin American. This venture, which was also developed by a Colombian woman living in Chile, has received multiple international recognitions.

Adriana Rubio never imagined that the game that was born in her house’s living room would transcend local and international barriers, and would make her worthy of the Academic Choice Awards, becoming the first Colombian to receive this distinction. This, due to the innovative system with which she seeks mathematics become a tool to develop strategic thinking and logical reasoning. Carvajal Educación travels the world in search of the best developments to promote learning in children, and HoliMaths' ability to combine play and learning was the key to linking this initiative to Norma Divertimente, which brings this game exclusively to Colombia, with the goal of expanding it to the other ten countries in the region where Carvajal Educación is present.

HoliMaths is an innovative card system -with more than 12 ways to play, in which the goal is to accumulate the highest score by solving multiplication problems. Thus, the players naturalize the operations, turning them into a way to win, which manages to take mathematics out of the classroom. "For children, the study day eventually becomes boring. On the other hand, when we turn that knowledge into a game, they learn without knowing it," says Rubio.

Created based on the novel educational movement STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics), Norma Divertimente aims to integrate the learning and application of these five areas through experiential methods. With this platform, Carvajal Educación demonstrates that the best way for a child to learn is by enhancing their abilities through playful tools, and the HoliMaths game is the best proof of this.

Rubio says that a study was recently carried out with the University of Talca (Chile) where public school students answered an exam before and after having played with HoliMaths in six one-hour sessions. “The results ratify the effectiveness of playful learning. The number of correct answers increased from 75% to 91% in children between 7 and 8 years old, and from 79% to 97% in children between 8 and 9 years old”, affirms its creator.

For Rubio, the alliance with Carvajal Educación is a way to show his entrepreneurship, not only in Colombia, but throughout the region. “It is a huge opportunity to make ourselves known in the rest of Latin America, but it is also a learning opportunity, hand in hand with one of the companies with the longest experience in the education sector,” he says. For its part, for Carvajal Educación, this is a way to support entrepreneurship initiatives: "We support and believe in Colombia and its creativity, that is why we are proud to make this partnership with Adriana, contributing with our infrastructure and knowledge to spread HoliMaths" says Luis Fernando Otero President of Carvajal Education.

This idea has captivated Chileans: the first edition of HoliMaths, launched in March 2016, sold 1,000 units and sold out in six months, in addition to receiving five grants from the Chilean Government for the development of its venture. It also transcended the spatial barriers: in 2019, HoliMaths participated in the largest education fair in Europe and they are currently in negotiations to export the idea to Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain and the United States.

Now, this innovative initiative can be played exclusively in Colombia thanks to Norma Divertimente, who arrives to show that education and play can go hand in hand, and that uniting them can be the secret not only to learn the multiplication tables, but also to make knowledge a fun and close experience for children.

This innovative game is available at Almacenes Jumbo, La 14, Falabella.com and tiendanorma.com/divertimente.

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