#SinCaratulas, Jean Book's social campaign for inclusion

In 1873, during the gold rush in the United States, Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis designed a garment that revolutionized the fashion industry, making the jean the first garment to overcome gender barriers.

In 2020, Jean Book wants us to overcome these barriers together again. This Colombian brand, which for 40 years has inspired and accompanied several generations, now wants to bring a message to the new generations through its social campaign #SinCaratulas.

For this campaign, Jean Book developed a limited edition of notebooks that alludes to Pride and invites children and young people to break down gender barriers and build together a more egalitarian, inclusive and prejudice-free society. A society where Respect for the other is fundamental.

In addition to the limited edition of notebooks, the #SinCaratulas campaign includes a series of videos that address the issue of inclusion from other aspects such as being overweight, the way a person chooses to dress, trades or professions that distance themselves from stereotypes, and the fight for young people to achieve their dreams.

As the campaign slogan says: in such a diverse world there is always a Jean Book for everyone, for everyone except Bullying.

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